Canoscan MP Navigator EX 2 Windows 7

by Mar 21, 2013

After you install Windows Live Mail from Live Essentials and set it as the default email program in Windows 7 you can’t use the scan to email button or feature. Typically you get the error “Failed to send e-mail. Check your mail program settings and try again” or something similar. When you look in the settings for the MP Navigator EX program you see “Windows Mail” listed as an available application but not Windows Live Mail.

You have probably already tried adding “Mailer5=Windows Live Mail” to the [Application] section of your scanner config file like other support sites said to do but it doesn’t work or you wouldn’t be here. In my case the configuration file is cs5600F.ini because I have a Canoscan 5600F scanner. But this doesn’t really matter because changing that ini file won’t help you.

Here is what you do:
Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Windows Live Mail
You will see the following settings:
windows live mail

Now if you look just below that registry key you should see Windows Mail. If you don’t then create the key “Windows Mail”. Now you need to add the String value “DLLPath” just as it is in the Windows Live Mail Key. I also added “LocalizedString” and the DWORD value “SupportUTF8” to make everything match but I’m guessing it works without those (didn’t test it). The only thing different should be the Default key. I left mine as (value not set) I did not test it set to “Windows Mail”.

windows mail

That should solve your problem.

What could go wrong?

1) You didn’t go to Default Program settings in Windows 7 and set “Windows Live Mail” as the primary email client.

2) You didn’t select “Windows Mail” in the Canon MP Navigator application. Maybe you added “Windows Live Mail” and selected that, it won’t work. You can remove that entry by clicking add again and in the list you can right click “Windows Live Mail” and remove or delete it. You will actually use the original entry that came with the application labeled “Windows Mail”. Don’t worry the application won’t let you right click and remove that entry, you can only delete entries that you created.