1995 – It was a great ride but the computer industry has changed over the last 25 years and with it, we have changed too. In the ’90s we were focused on building the Blizzard Storm, a custom PC that competed with Gateway and Dell computers. Some of our legendary Blizzard Storm PCs are still in service today. Most were built with:

  • Gigabyte and Intel motherboard
  • Intel CPU
  • Kingston Memory
  • Sound Blaster and Diamond Monster Sound
  • Western Digital Hard Drives
  • Diamond Multimedia Graphics Cards
  • 3DFX GPU
  • LG CD/DVD ROM Drives

After 2000 and the rapid decline in the cost of personal computers,  our focus shifted to PC support for small business as well as web design and hosting.

In 2012 Blizzard started focusing more on providing data recovery services and now there is an HDD recovery service right here in North GA.

Although we no longer offer PC repair and support we will add new blog posts from time-to-time.