Blizzard Computers was started by David Blizzard as a small town computer sales and service shop on Old Highway 5 in Ellijay, Georgia. We have proudly served customers in Ellijay, Blue Ridge, Jasper, and Chatsworth, since 1995. Blizzard built and sold custom PCs in the ’90s using the brand name Blizzard Storm.

In 1996 we started Bliznet web hosting and design services. In 2000 a new company was born, Blizzard Digital. Blizzard Digital and Blizzard Computers are both trade names used by David Blizzard LLC.

Fun Facts: In 1995 we had to use AOL dial-up service out of  Atlanta to connect to the Internet. When the Ellijay Telephone Company decided to become an Internet Service Provider (ISP) they asked for Blizzard Computer’s help to provide tech support for their subscribers. Providing Internet tech support allowed us to get on the fast track to understanding network configuration and diagnostics. We provided internet connection support from the time 14.4k modems were popular through the evolution of 56k. We had to configure the old Trumpet Winsock client for many subscribers until the most common operating system included its own winsock and dialer. After a while we started testing new offerings like ISDN. While ISDN was popular Blizzard started offering their own Satellite Internet access but at the time it required a phone line for upload and was quite expensive. Finally cable and DSL arrived in our little town. As the ISP’s subscriber base grew we had to make a decision to stop providing Internet support except for our own clients. While this was a tough decision we knew that it was going to grow into a tedious 24/7 support business.

In 2012 Blizzard shifted their primary focus to providing affordable data recovery service.