In Windows XP How Do I Create a Connection to My Office VPN?

by Sep 24, 2007

Q: In windows XP how do I create a connection to my office VPN? (Virtual Private Network)

Windows XP:
Start > Control Panel > Network Connections
On the left panel choose “Create a new connection”
Connection wizard should pop up > next
Choose “Connect to the network at my workplace” > next
Choose “virtual Private Network connection” > next
Type a name for the connection (i.e. MyOffice VPN) > next
If it appears choose “do not dial the initial connection” > next
For host name or IP address enter the office IP or domain name provided by your network administrator > next
Choose “My use only” > next
Check “add a shortcut” > next > finish
The VPN connection should pop up
Choose properties and then click the network tab
Highlight “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and click properties
Click the advanced button and then uncheck “use default gateway”
Click OK 3 times and then you are ready to use the VPN.
Enter your name and password.

That’s it.

Once you establish the connection you can:

  • Run Remote Desktop and enter the IP of any computer at the office that is configured to allow remote Desktop Connections.
  • Transfer files using UNC paths.
  • Ping or Trace the route to private IPS at the office.
  • Manage computers.

Anything you could do from the office can be done but beware of trying to run “fat” client applications over broadband, you could corrupt data.