How To Launch the Run Command in Vista

by Feb 27, 2007

Q: In Windows 2000 and XP you could click Start and choose Run to type in a command. How do you do it in Vista?

A: You can click the start button > all programs > accessories > run

You can type run in the search box and then launch run from the results.

For the command prompt you can use the new search/run box by typing in cmd. You will see cmd at the top of the list. You can launch it directly or right click it and choose to run as administrator. Many functions will require this elevated level, like ipconfig /release or /renew. You can add the cmd icon by right clicking the start button, choose properties, start menu, customize. Click the box for the run command. You can also press the Windows key and the letter R on your keyboard.

Q: When did Windows Vista Come Out? When was Windows Vista released?

Windows Vista, codename: LongHorn, was first announced in the summer of  2005. Initial release was at the end of  2006. It was replaced by Windows 7 in the Fall of 2009.