Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available

by Jan 08, 2013

So you have a nagging popup that keeps telling you “Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available” and you can’t find the solution? Even if you tracked it down to the Java updater you still haven’t found a solution. Well here is how you fix it without permanently disabling publisher revocation checks or the automatic java updates.

First let’s see if you can recreate the problem by running the Java updater. Go to control panel > open Java > click the update tab > Click the Update Now Button. If you get the error then you know the error was coming up during scheduled update checks for Java.

Solution: Go to control panel > Internet Options > Click the Advanced Tab > Scroll way down to the security section >

Un-check the selector for “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” > Click apply > Recheck this option and click apply again.

You can use the Java updater check to verify that it’s fixed.

Update:  If this doesn’t work you could leave the option “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” unchecked.