Multihome Lan or Multiple Subnet Instruction for Sonicwall

by Jun 11, 2009

Do you want to add multiple subnets to the same lan port and you use a Sonicwall appliance, router, firewall? You can follow these instructions to set up a multihome network for your TZ models by adding an address object for the new subnet, an ARP entry, and a route.

Example for

Under Network Menu Click Address Objects.
Name: My Secondary Subnet (or any friendly name)
Zone Assignment: LAN
Type: Network
Netmask: (This is for a /24 change as needed)
Click OK

Under Network Menu Click ARP
Static Arp entries > ADD
IP Address: (use the IP you want to be your default gateway for this subnet)
Interface: X0 (Choose your current LAN port)
[x] Publish Entry
[ ] Bind Mac Address (Do not select)
Click OK

Under Network Menu Click Routing
Under Route Policies choose Add
Source: Any
Destination: My Secondary Subnet (Or whatever you named your new Address Object)
Service: Any
Interface: X0 (or the port you chose in ARP setup if your LAN port was not X0)
Metric: 20
Click OK

Your new subnet should work now.

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