Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Fails Login

by Feb 25, 2016

So you are trying to access the Dell Open Manage Server Administrator from the desktop shortcut and it won’t accept your administrator login? You already know that the Dell Open Manage secure web app requires your server admin name and password but it just refuses to accept it when you try to login.

If you have a hyphen or underscore (possibly other characters) in the server name this might fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you enter the correct username and password it just keeps asking, over and over again.

For me I simply replaced the server name in the URL with localhost and BING! It works. You might also try the server’s IP address if localhost fails.

If that was the problem just create a new shortcut with the correct URL and port number for future use. You might find that after rebooting the server the original shortcut (server name) works again.

I experienced this issue on a DEll T110 II entry level server running Windows Server 2012 (64bit). The Dell OpenManage Systems Management Software was (64-Bit) Version 8.2.0